Interventional Cardiac Procedures

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Interventional Cardiac Procedures

This book summarises, in a very clear format, all the basic information fellows and junior cardiologists need to know about cardiovascular interventions. It reflects the tremendous experience of the author, Dr. Yahya Kiwan. For each procedure, the purpose, the indications and the contra-indications, as well as the potential complications, are listed. References are given for those who want to know more.

This is an excellent little book on the various diagnostic and therapeutic manoeuvres that are available for interventional cardiologists. It lists all the available procedures, the occasions when they are indicated, the hazard that may be encountered and provides a means to assess the results. It forms an excellent introduction to the ever-expanding area of cardiology for junior staff interested in specialising in this field of cardiology.

The book style is concise and to the point, with a successive, logical flow of information. It is highly recommended it for junior cardiologists as a useful reference.

This book is published for doctors, especially juniors, working in all specialties of cardiology (clinical, non-invasive and invasive).
It is an up-to-date, practical, and user-friendly book that contains almost all the information needed by cardiologists in their day-to-day clinical work.
It derives its contents from the latest international cardiology guidelines and practices, and the most recent literature in the specialisation. I am sure cardiologists of all different experience levels will find it useful.


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